A Summer Bonnet

Summer is very much underway at this point and I found the cutest little hat at a thrift shop for a mere 99 cents! I initially purchased it to simply decorate with a bit of ribbon and a few floral sprigs and greenery. I played around with it on my head various ways cocking it to one side, then the other, plopping it straight down on my noggin… but then… eureka. I tilted it backwards a bit and loved the size of the brim for a small bonnet.

I know… more? Really? There are twenty straw bonnet tutorials out there Elizabeth. Hear me out though! I looked through all of those fantastic straw bonnet tutorials but almost all of them took far too much time and effort for me… I’m terribly lazy during the summers outside of work because my days tend to be long and I don’t always particularly enjoy sewing on my one day off every week during the summers… Without further to do here is the lazy way to turn a straw hat into a bonnet.

Items you will need:

-Straw hat (mine has a brim of 3″ and is a foot across)

-Thread in a straw, gold, or pale color

-Hand sewing needle

-Decor (Ribbon, flowers, charms, fabric, lace whatever suits your fancy)

-**Optional**A steamer or an iron with steam abilities

Alright, so we have our materials at the ready! or you are just reading this in hopes to be inspired to go get them… Onwards!

First take your lovely hat and carefully bend back one side of the brim so it folds up like the picture below. Some of the straw will likely break but you can help prevent that by steaming the hat before bending it, I skipped that step even though I was making tea at the time and could have easily used the steam coming out of the kettle…. Did I mention I am incredibly lazy during the summers?

We almost have a bonnet! Now take your needle and thread and double up the thread before knotting it off. You can use a thread conditioner like beeswax to help the thread slide through if you prefer. Sew a neat, or not neat, little “X” on each side of the folded up brim going through all of those layers, go over it a few times just to keep it secure. You could use glue in this case but it may not hold up quite as well over time.

“But wait…”, you say, “…is that it?”.

Yes my friend, it is indeed. Onto decor! In part Two!

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Cringy Pattern Turned… Okay??

The day that I bought Simplicity 8127 pattern I honestly died a little on the inside. There is absolutely no way that I would ever use this pattern, but I bought it so that I could possibly turn it into something… well… decent. I have seen mostly monstrosities made from this pattern, but I bought it anyway… Recently, I hosted a small meet for the Midwestern Lolita Comm at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. They had opened two new galleries one of which was an immersive Japanese Art experience in late February and their Pop Up Tea House on March 15th! I was super hyped and decided to last minute make a Wa coord.

I didn’t have time to order a kimono and didn’t really want to cut one in the first place, so I grabbed some fabric that I bought AGES ago as a young Weeb in 2007 to supposedly make a Yukata…. ya girl barely bought 2.5 yards…. I could barely make a haori with the fabric that I had bought…. Anyway, I wanted to make something that was a bit on the simple side so and I saw this fantastic coord done by Armure de Rose that reminded me of the outfits that girls in Japan wear for graduation ceremonies. The outfit usually consists of a Kimono worn under a Hakama.

Okay okay. So get to the damn pattern already!!! As you can see it has a great skirt, they used a really flimsy cotton on both of their versions and they also aren’t lined. D: So I basically ignored the bodice and focused on the nice parts of this pattern, namely the skirt.

For the skirt pattern I selected a nice cream sateen cotton to compliment the Yukata fabric for the skirt and unfortunately I bought the wrong sized pattern so I just cut it about a half inch larger than the pattern. I found out later that I added too much and had to pin most of that out so my calculations were apparently wrong even though the pattern before sizing it up was a 14 and I am typically a size 20 in Simplicity Patterns. It’s always better to make thing’s bigger though because it’s far easier to make something like a skirt smaller than it is to add the fabric in after. I forgot to take pictures but I interfaced the lining and also added a facing to the lining as well just to add some stability. Unfortunately that wasn’t enough and the skirt could seriously use some light boning at the seams just to help keep it up. It may be perfect for some people who have straighter bodies but my ribcage to waist ratio is fairly dramatic so I had to keep pulling the skirt up throughout the meet at the museum. This, to say the least was fairly annoying… The center back was finished with an invisible zipper .

To round out the look I made a super simple Obijime from some scrap red cotton and just used the full width of the cloth and cut out a 2″ wide strip of fabric and sewed it at 5/8ths of an inch so it would add some bulk once I turned it inside out that way I didn’t have to cord it( at this point it was morning of though!). I also made a very quick knotted headband with the same red fabric by tying a quick knot around a 1″ wide headband and trying to loosely hot glue the rest of the fabric down so it would still have some volume. With the headband made I cut a bunch of squares and made kanzashi with hot glue. It KILLED ME to do that but they turned out alright. I did hand stitch them on so that I could later switch out the flowers if I wanted to like I do with most of my headwear.

I think overall it turned out fairly well though since I only need to make a few small tweaks to it. Would I recommend the pattern as is for beginners? No. It’s clearly made too big seeing as I likely could have fit 4 sizes smaller than my typical and the skirt is really the only part worth having. If you are pretty decent at tailoring things to fit I say go for it though, since I suppose once you have made the necessary sizing corrections it wouldn’t be so bad.

Here is a photo of my hair and makeup when it was freshly done too. I tried to keep it simple and decided to keep my hair down even though I had originally planned to wear it up or wear bubble ponytails. This turned out really nice though with the waves from my sleeping braids and two small twin tails to help give a little extra volume to the front.

If you have tried it let me know what you think about the pattern. If you haven’t used it before, will you try it out yourself?

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Belated Valentines Day Meet

The set up was so nice!

Today we had a fun meet at Tilly’s Tea Room. I got a salmon salad for my lunch and it was delicious even though I later regretted not getting an afternoon tea(they looked so yummy!).

It was so great to get together with everyone even though a few people couldn’t come last minute. We even traded Valentine’s day gifts! It was so fun! I made some little origami hearts for everyone.

For my outfit I decided to go with a bleeding heart outfit with a rosette brooch. I also made a new blouse for this coord and love how it turned out!
Here is a little progress photo. I may make a tutorial on how to make a similar blouse eventually.


First Post. Wow. Much Excite. Such Thrills.

Now that that’s out of the way… Hi! I’m Elizabeth. I am currently living in Indiana right now working as a professional costume maker which is very thrilling of course. I own several plants and I am of course a Hufflepuff, but also a scorpio…. None of it makes sense in a sentence till you meet me!

Anyway… Lolita stuff is what we are really here for right? Classic has really roped me in and I typically wear that(especially my muslin dress that I made on a whim with less than 10 hours till the meet(this included time meant for sleep!!). I also have a really strong love for gothic but I have been moving away from that more and more as I fall more in love with classic and historical lolita. Ugh, I really just adore it.

This is me in a super duper casual coord with my muslin jsk that I went out in on Valentines day! It will once again make an appearance during the Valentines day meet this weekend!

Okay, so what are my plans for this bloggy? Well, I plan to not only blog different coords I throw together but I also want to help others new or old to lolita and new or old to sewing with tutorials and maybe a few free patterns to help people along. Please stick around if you are interested!

❤ P&L